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          Wenzhou so-and-so shoes Co., LTD
          Wenzhou so-and-so shoes Co., LTD

          0577-86367100 86086320

          Notice: Zhejiang Zhongli Group Co.,Ltd., founded in 1987, is a Sci-tech enterprise in the fields of designing, empoldering, producing, sales and technology advisory service for bicycle locks, E-bike locks, wheel locks, motor bike locks, and encapsulation material for PV modules through two decades of great efforts .


          Contact us



          No.40 West Cifeng RD. Ouhai Economic Development Zone,Wenzhou,ZheJiang,China
          86-577-86367100 86086320 86765522

          Address:No.40 West Cifeng RD. Ouhai Economic Development Zone,Wenzhou,ZheJiang,China    Tel:0577-86367100 86086320 86765522    Fax:86-577-86367026 86765500
          Copyright:Contact us--Zhejiang Zhongli GROUP.,lTD    ICP備案編號:浙ICP備11001685號-3
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